Monday, August 30, 2010

White Gown & Satin Gloves

So the time has finally arrived for this little bird to fly out of the nest with no strings attached. With an advertising job in Manhattan, a bank account full of summer earnings, a droid, new clothes, and a bunch of great friends; I am making my debut into society. And what a better society to learn the ups and downs of living paycheck to paycheck than New York City! Woooooo! I couldn’t be more exicted! Minus the part of me that’s totally petrified of poorly managing my finances and needing to make the dreaded phone call to my family asking for money. I am determined to never let that happen. I just got an apartment in Astoria, Queens and will be commuting via subway to work every day. What a change it is going to be from driving a car for the past 6 years to relying on the subway for all my transportation needs. Yikes! I have found that taking the subway is easier than driving in some cases. For example, nights out at the bars with friends – no need for a DD! When I was taking the train to Astoria last week I was sitting there thinking to myself how much the subway reminded me of the Tram in Disney World. Just goes to show how much of a suburban princess I was growing up; never really took public transportation except on family vacations inside theme parks. Wow – spoiled much? Or deprived? Hmmmm… On the topic of transportation – Cabs! They are freaking awesome – I love hailing them and telling the driver where to … I feel so important lol – The taxi drivers in NYC can drive rather erratically at times & I distinctly remember texting my friend Snookie during my first Cab ride – comparing my cab ride to Mr. Toads wild ride at Disney World. Yeah I am a kid at heart and often make Disney references at 22 years old. What?

The big move is Thursday!  My parents and I are driving to Queens to settle me into my new apartment.  My place is sooooo freaking cute! It’s a 3 bedroom with a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room! Compared to what I have seen so far in NYC my room is really large and spacious. The bathroom is a really good size too – you can actually move around and not feel constricted! I can’t thank my friend Adam enough for hooking me up with the apartment. I have only met one roommate, who knows Adam and she seems fabulous. The location couldn’t be more ideal! It is above a restaurant which looks delicious: it is close to where I take my train into work, and talk about coincidence/fate/luck, my apartment is only 1.5 blocks away from my only 2 guy friends I currently have in the city! How Sick?

I begin work at the ad agency the day after Labor Day. I am working in digital ad operations. I’m not entirely sure what it entails- I do however get the sense that I will be responsible for launching, tracking/trafficking/following up on, all digital ad campaigns for my account. I am really hoping it is a good fit because I’m ready to get into an industry and start my corporate climb :)

A solid job, great friends, an apartment & a supportive family -> what more does a girl need to succeed? I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough!